Ikigai – A Reason For Being

Ikigai, a small word, with a far bigger and deeper meaning.
In absence of an exact English word, you can understand it as quite similar to ‘Happiness’ or ‘Fulfillment’ but with fine distinctions.
It is basically composed of 2 parts ‘Iki’ ie. To Live, and ‘Gai’ ie. ‘Reason or Value’.
Simply put it means a reason for living or giving a meaning to our lives that makes it worthy of living.

In a fast growing work culture all around the world that generates stress with equal speed, is there something that makes you wake up & get out of your bed every morning…? Other than of course your job. Someone’s value in life can be work – but is certainly not limited to that. It is something that make you look beyond the money.

It could be anything that give you a sense of fulfillment each day and make you look forward to the next.

This something is your Ikigai.

Ikigai, a Japanese concept that embodies the idea of happiness in living. Essentially, it is the reason for our living.

Okinawa, a place situated in Ryuku Islands of Japan is a popular Blue-zone, popular for the longevity of its inhabitants.
Okinawa has of highest centenarians ratio in the world ie. people beyond the age of hundred in every 1 lakh inhabitants.
The reason & explanation for this is attributed to their low stress lifestyle, a unique diet and innate spirituality.

Older people are celebrated there, and they feel obligated to pass on their wisdom to younger generations, and this in turn gives them a purpose in life outside of themselves, in service to their communities.
This implies that in order to complete your goal of ikigai, you must serve your role towards bigger good or community.

To those scientific minds out there, Andres Zuzunga also proposed a Venn diagram to explain this concept with four overlapping qualities: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

Although not that overly simple but Ikigai in itself guides you to simplify your life and take small definite steps towards a fulfilling happiness.

Ikigai is what ask you to look forward to the future even if you’re unhappy and dissatisfied at present.

You can start by making three lists:
– Your values,
– Things you like to do and
– Things you are good at.
The cross section of these three lists is your Ikigai.
But, knowledge alone gets you nothing if it lacks actions.
So find out your reason for true happiness & deep satisfaction and turn it into a purpose with action.

August – A Reason to Be Happy

If someone ask you about one thing that makes you happy, you probably will take few moments to answer. If you are asked to name all the things that make you happy, you might take even longer to answer.

But will your mind take that long to respond with a list if you are asked about the things that aren’t right in your life?
Our conscious minds are so preoccupied with the things that aren’t right, that are not the way they should be. We are so stuck in the future or the past that we often forget to celebrate the things that we already possess in life to be happy.

You may have experienced that the work we do seem to get better exponentially when we are really happy,  as opposed to when we are not.

But often even when we are happy and exuberant, there are few people around us who seek satisfaction by dampening our spirits.

Sensing this twenty two years ago in the year 1998 in Texas, Pamela Gail Johnson founded a secret society for happy people, with the idea of creating a safe place for the happy ones, where they can share their happy moments & express their happiness without any discouragement from parade rainers.

The main purpose of the society is to make people express their happiness as loud as they want.
This reflect in their mottos ‘Happiness happens’ and ‘Don’t even think of raining on my parade’.

Pamela who is also an author manage this positive society by writing posts, newsletters and an active social media presence. She continue to maintain interaction with her fans through her much loved blog “Ask Pamela Gail : Where happiness meets reality” – which really help people in handling their unhappy experiences and learning the lesson from each such incidence.

On August 8 ,1998, first member joined the society which is celebrated as ‘Happiness Happens Day’ each year.

As this wonderful society gained popularity all around the globe, they declared August as the ‘Happiness Happens Month’ to share more happiness and encourage people to talk and think about their happy moments.

Every year on August 8, a social media event is held known as ‘Happython’ with the aim to send inspiring messages via social network, email & texts — this being first such event that promotes happiness all around the world.

So in this happy month, let’s consciously remind ourselves to be as happy as we can everyday and continue to do so until it becomes our attitude and habit.
Let’s choose this month to be a beginning of staying happy in every month that follows.

Don’t forget to take a breath amid everything and just smile & be happy.

Remember, happiness is a direction not a place.

Happy Birthday our beloved Enid Blyton 🍫🍬🍩🍧🍡🍰🍭🍨🍦🎂🍪

Enid Mary Blyton was born on 11 August 1897. She was an English children’s best seller writer since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies. Her books are still enormously popular, and have been translated into 90 languages. She wrote on a wide range of topics including fantasy, mystery and is best remembered today for her Noddy, Famous Five, Malory Towers and Secret Seven series.

She left this world on 28 november in 1968 but through her stories she will be forever in our hearts.♥️♥️♥️

Some of her quotes that shows that she was truly an inspirational personality.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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